Sep 14, 2010

Qatar's very own lookbook!

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say that you have to check out nomad*, a Qatar-based style blog on a mission to show the world just how stylish, fashionable and chic the residents of Qatar are.

The creators of nomad* are two uber-cool fashion design seniors at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and good friends, Ahmed El Sayed and Carla Mallari, who have recently returned from summer internships abroad.

The concept of nomad* comes from the idea that many of those living in Doha come from all over the world, almost like wonderers, as people here constantly come and go. The blog is a celebration of all the different kinds of people that Qatar is home to, and the multi-cultural, multi-dimensional style they bring with them.

Carla and Ahmed looking effortlessly cool in the Doha sun

From the souq to the campus and from the mall to the poolside, Ahmed and Carla find inspiring people wearing inspiring clothes everywhere and feature them on the blog.

nomad* puts Doha's street style on the fashion blogosphere's map and shows the world that the people of Qatar aren't lacking in individual style...we have New York, Milan, Paris, London and Dubai...and hopefully one day soon Doha will join them as the newest member of the fashion capitals of the world!

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