Sep 22, 2010

A Few Words With Saudi Stylist Ahmed Al Dossary!

Ahmed knows how to keep his cool with divas

How often do you come across a guy from the GCC who is a fashion designer, stylist and a personal shopper?

The 21st century has seen the birth of a new generation of fashion-conscious, well-groomed Arab men who are expressing themselves through fashion, music, photography and art while at the same time holding Khaleeji culture and tradition close to their hearts.

While Gulf society used to frown upon men who chose a career in fashion, Ahmed Al Dossary and others like him are a new breed of stylish young men who are breaking social boundaries and entering into the field of fashion. These are men who are teaching women how to dress and who know their Birkin from their Kelly.

Half-Saudi, half-Bahraini self-claimed fashionista Ahmed Al Dossary is a stylist, personal shopper and fashion designer. The multi-talented Al Dossary comes from a family of socialites; his father is a writer (who has written two books on his colourful and talented family), his mother owns a cupcake business and his sister is a makeup artist. I don't even know his family but I am already in love with them!

Ahmed is soon to launch his very own label, AD, which is a line of men's clothing.

I was lucky enough to get a mini-interview with him.

Hi Ahmed! So what's it like being a stylist and personal shopper in the GCC?
It's really amazing being a stylist in the GCC because you don't really find many stylists and personal shoppers in the GCC and it's great to be one of them!

Why did you choose to be a stylist and personal shopper?
 I chose to be a stylist cause I love to help my friends and family to shop and dress them up to make them look totally chic and fashionable ... and by watching fashion shows I started to fall in love with being a stylist and personal shopper and now I really love it.

Who are your favorite designers?
I love lots of designers and my favorites are : Marc Jacobs, Damir Doma, Viktor & Rolf, Balmain and Balenciaga.

Are there any stylists who you look up to as role models?
I LOVE Rachel Zoe, I think she is the best stylist I've ever seen and I always look up to her ... I love her work and I totally respect and love what she does.

Have you worked with any diva-like clients? How do you keep your cool in awkward situations?
I stay professional with my clients and I was lucky enough to become friends with all my clients. They believe in me which is important when working with clients; they have to trust you and your decisions.

Have you had any famous clients?
Most of my clients are socialites... but I would love to work with a famous client one day, why not!

What sort of attitude do people in the Gulf have towards men who choose a career in fashion?
They are slowly becoming receptive to the idea ... but the new generation has changed and is more conscious and knows their fashion and designers.

What is this Autumn/Winter season's must buy?
 I love love love this coat from my AD line-it's a chic brown coat with a slim golden belt on the waist and I love Burberry Prorsum's new collection, they have really nice stuff.

As Ahmed puts it himself, he's living life in the fab lane!

To contact Ahmed, email him at

Photos of Ahmed are courtesy of Abdulrahman Al Baker (another self-claimed fashionista and photographic genius).

Check out Abdulrahman's website (currently under way) and Facebook page to see his amazing work!


  1. I can't get over his clothes, amaziiing! the Birkin for men is awesome

  2. I know, he's absolutely gorgeous! xxx