Sep 29, 2010

Cerise Couture: Bahrain's Hidden Gem

Next time you're in Bahrain, take a detour to Adleya in the capital Manama and visit Cerise Couture, an arty boutique selling one-of-a-kind treasures.

The mastermind behind Cerise Couture is Bahraini designer Maryam, who in 2005 combined her love of art, music, rich fabrics and handicrafts to create a unique line of t-shirts, kaftans, tunics and abayas all designed and hand embroidered by the talented lady herself.

Maryam's funky creations infuse folky Arabic culture into contemporary designs with a vintage feel.

Even more cool is that her boutique is also a mini art gallery where you can feast your eyes on her magnificent art work as you scour her store for one of her unique pieces.

A savvy businesswoman, fashion designer and artist? With a steadily widening client base, I'm sure Maryam and Cerise Couture will continue to grow and go very far.

For more information on Cerise Couture, email Maryam at or contact her on 00973 36348374.

Boutique address:

Shop number 8, building 938, road 2719, Adleya 327 (opposite Al-Zamil Center), Manama, Bahrain

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