Sep 30, 2010

Introducing deHania...A Jewellery Line With Soul

Delicate, arty, musical and soulful are just a few words to describe deHania, Dubai-based marketing extraordinaire-turned-jewellery designer Hania Afifi's beautiful jewellery line which is now almost a year old.

In 2008, after almost a decade working in the fast-paced world of business risk management, advertising and marketing, Hania gave it all up to connect to her creative side, jetting off to France where she enrolled in a jewellery and fashion design course at the prestigious fashion university ESMOD.

A year later, deHania was born.

And now in 2010, deHania is one of the high-end jewellery brands to make it into this month's Eclat de Mode at Paris Fashion Week, (yes, I said Paris Fashion Week!), which is the international event of the year for jewellery designers, making Dubai very proud.

deHania debuted earlier this year with three main collections...Peinture is a selection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets consisting of tiny hand-painted canvases encased into 18-carat gold frames-you're literally wearing works of art! Then there is Stacatto, a delicate (and musical) line of perfectly flowing 18-carat gold chains adorned with semi-precious stones (like turquoise, amethyst, rose quartz and coral) and  freshwater pearls.

Siren, my personal favorite, is a collection of statement necklaces, bracelets and cuffs consisting of multi-coloured semi-precious stones and white and black pearls set with white gold locks. And not to forget Hania's latest line, Bespoke, which offers customers the exciting opportunity to design their own custom-made piece of jewellery and meet Hania to discuss what they want!

On my wish-list? Definitely the turquoise statement Siren necklace with the hanging evil eye.

Pieces from the Siren collection

Pieces from the Siren collection

Necklaces from the Staccato collection

Necklaces from the Stacatto collection

Earrings from the Peinture collection

deHania is available at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall, Dubai, online, and by email order.

For more information on deHania, or to make an order, email Hania at Don't forget to check out the website!

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