Sep 13, 2010

Dinzalicious Fashion!

What do you get when you mix cosmopolitan Western fashion with glitzy Middle Eastern style?

You get a fun and eclectic label called Dinz.

The two masterminds behind this hip label are Spanish-born Palestinian sisters (and Haper's Bazaar Arabia favourites) Rima Zahran Matrooshi, 26, and Dina Zahran, 22, who currently live in Dubai.

What started off as a hobby designing custom-made t-shirts for friends and aquaintances soon turned into a popular, fast-selling designer label.

The fabulous Zahran sisters

Remember the ghutra-worn-as-a-scarf trend that started a couple of years ago and which within months spread worldwide with even A-listers wearing them? That's all down to Dina and Rima, who were the first to come up with the idea of using ghutras as fashion accessories, decorating them with cute bows, mutli-coloured butterflies and little hearts as well as embroidering them with pretty floral and paisley motifs in bold colours.

And the trend of wearing gold dirham coins on brightly coloured string bracelets? Again the fashion geniusness of the Zahran sisters.

Coming from a long line of tailors, fashion runs in the Zahran sisters' blood. Dinz started off in late 2006 designing statement tees which were fast-sellers and had even the likes of actress/designer Chloe Sevigny wearing them. Dinz then moved on to scarves, jeans, polo shirts, accessories and even a men's collection.

T-shirts, jeans, bracelets, necklaces and rings come inscribed in gold and silver Arabic statements like "Habibi" ("my love") and "7ayati" ("my life") as well as Arabic symbols such as the evil eye and the Hand of Fatima. And, paying homage to Dubai, Dinz came up with an adorable collection of bracelets and necklaces with Emirati flags and gold dirhams.

The Zahran sisters also like to give back. Proceeds from their collection of bracelets, tees and scarves with the peace sign in the colours of the Palestinian flag go towards helping Palestinian women and children.

Their aim? To break the US market and I'm sure they'll achieve it in no time. 

Dinz is available at:


Salam Studio, Doha


Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates
50 Degrees C, Souk Al Bahar, Burj Dubai

Ounass, Madinat Jumeira
Ounass, Emirates Towers
Ounass, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi




Eye Candy, Muscat




Soho, Cairo
Beymen, Cairo


Spoiled Brat, Glasgow, Scotland

Shop online for Dinz items at the online Dinz Boutique-they ship worldwide (residents of the UAE get free shipping).

For more information on Dinz, visit the Dinz website, or email them at

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