Sep 4, 2010

Five Reasons to Love Abayas:

  1. They're black, which means that they are slimming and flattering to the eye.
  2. They hide all your lumps and bumps and never go out of fashion (wait, that's two reasons in one!)
  3. Wearing them gives you the instant feeling that you are elegant and graceful, even regal.
  4. John Galliano, Nina Ricci, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti and Carolina Herrera have designed abayas...take that Nicolas Sarkozy! 
  5. You can wear anything you want under them, including your PJs (although I don't advise that unless you've slept through your morning alarm and have only three minutes to get ready for work).

The purpose of my blog is to show you that you can still wear the latest fashion trends while wearing your abaya. As an abaya wearer, you have the advantage over non-abaya wearing sisters in that you can wear anything under your abaya, be it short sleeved, tight-fitting or in sheer fabric, while non-abaya wearers do have a tougher time making sure they wear fashionable clothes that are both long and loose enough.

Just because you wear an abaya, it doesn't mean you have to be frumpy! Not only can you wear beautiful clothes under your abaya, you can also wear gorgeous abayas on top of them. "What's the point if no one sees my clothes?" I hear you ask. The point is that even if no one can see what you're wearing underneath your abaya, you know what you're wearing, and if you wear clothes that look good on you, make you feel good and which you feel comfortable in, you will be more confident and more beautiful.

Abaya designers are revolutionizing the Middle Eastern fashion world...each abaya is like a canvas...from modern statement abayas to abayas which incorporate traditional Arabian motifs and designs, there are so many abayas out there and so much inspiration. Abaya designers find their inspiration in vintage clothes stores, artwork, pieces of fabric in the souq, even in nature! And what is great about living in the Gulf is that every woman can be her own abaya designer, with tailors on the corner of every street ready to turn your abaya ideas and designs into reality.