Sep 20, 2010

Lookbook: Saudi Arabian Sweetheart, Princess Amira Al Taweel

Saudi did you say? Yes, believe it or not, this classic Arabian beauty is from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The wife, (well, one of the wives), of Saudi prince and global tycoon Al Waleed bin Talal, Amira Al Taweel, which literally translates into "the tall princess" (yes, that really is her name), is one of the Gulf's first royal ladies not only to step out in public with her husband, but also to appear in public without an abaya or sheila.

And there's no denying it, this 25 year old princess is a beauty (the story goes that Prince Al Waleed was engaged to her sister and when he saw Amira he decided to marry her instead...I wonder if Amira and her sister are on speaking terms...) With her glossy wavy black locks cascading down her back, Princess Amira's look, like Her Highness Sheikha Moza, echos Parisian chic in romantic tie neck and ruffled blouses, long pencil skirts, high waisted trousers and suits tailored to perfection. She's been sighted in Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Nicolas Jubran, Burberry and Ferry.

Not only is she the Vice President of the Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Foundation, she also spends her time visiting and working with sick children, orphans and abused women across the world, as well as jet-setting around the globe with her husband to meet various world leaders and improve the image of Saudi women. Famous for openly saying that she'd be the first to start driving in Saudi Arabia, Amira's many talents include photography, painting, poetry, horseback riding and even singing!

Now that's one stylish and accomplished lady who doesn't just have the looks but also a good heart and good brains.


  1. She's beautiful and I love her for what she represents, what she's doing! A great role model
    LOVE your blog!!! Good job!

  2. I's great to see women like Amira try to improve things for Saudi Arabian women as well as use her status to do good.

    Thanks Alice! Do spread the word!

  3. I really wonder that this Cute lady working on international level for the rights of Women.I solute her dignity....

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    Kindly can any one inform how i can contact with the princess Amira
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    Altaweel Nael

  5. Saudi king or Gov. is not one who makes Islamic rules, and its the GOD who implemented laws through PROPHET. No one can challenge that.

  6. Devils and Satan will always try to misguide betray good people, may GOD saves good people

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  8. She is so beautiful and so intelligent. She graduated magna cum laude. If she and the Prince had children, most likely they would be good looking, tall and intelligent. I would have loved to see her wear a veil over her head on formal occasions as a sign of respect for her husband's position and for Saudi Arabia. It would not diminish her image as a modern woman or be perceived as backward. I think it would add respectability and seriousness. That's just my opinion.

  9. Princess Ameerah is a beautiful, confident, brave, and purposeful woman.