Sep 19, 2010

MAC: 4 Key Beauty Trends This Season

You may have noticed that there's a recurring theme in many of my posts about wearing luxe fabrics this season...being clad in luxurious, one-of-a-kind, opulent pieces is definitely the big theme this A/W 2010/2011. (It seems that designers are finally acknowledging the end to the recession.)

And it doesn't just stop at clothes. Looking luxurious this season also includes your face!

For A/W 2010/2011, MAC have created four main looks: Redd Velvet, Satin Eyes, Voile Veil and Fourply. They're four classic looks with contemporary twists and have been used all over the catwalks. The key to these four looks is that they are imperfectly which enhances and hones your features in a soft and elegant way but at the same time has a touch of individuality.

Redd Velvet

This look is all about the bold red lip. Rather than the typical scarlet-red mouth, this season's red lips are darker and more textured. There is no particular shade of red that you should use, just make sure that you play with it to create a full lip with loads of body to it. Lipliner should be used to create soft contours rather than a symmetrically perfect look. Using a teeny bit of concealer around the lips helps achieve an almond-like shape. 

Since the lips are the focus, go easy on the eye makeup-eyeshadows in soft browns and taupes should be lightly swept over the lids. Rather than using black eye liner/eye pencil, opt for a dark brown shade instead.

Satin Eyes

One of my favourites, this look is a modern take on Bridgette Bardot's doe eyes. Think Pixie Lott for feline eyes. This time around, the black eye is graphic rather than smokey and theatrical rather than goth...instead of a typical cat eye, eye liner/kohl should be pulled out into a wing rather than a flick upwards. Use multiple coats of mascara or falsh lashes to give lashes a feathery texture. The rest of the face (i.e. cheeks and lips) should be pared down with warm honey and netural tones. Now get batting those lashes! 

Voile Veil

Unlike the defined lines of '80s-inspired eye makeup which was all the rage last A/W, this time around eye makeup is soft with no hard edges or lines, and eyeshadow can be brought up to the brows. It's all about blending so that your makeup looks like sheets of soft chiffon on your face. Again attention is given to the eyes so lips and cheeks should stay neutral. Blur and blend eyeshadows in shades of purple, violet, dark blue and grey.


This look is all about perfect natural makeup, a new take on the 90's bare makeup look. This look uses a warm palette of honey, caramel, toffee, coffee and ochre shades, soft contouring and highlighting of the face, strong brows and luscious nude lips. Using a good foundation, base, primer and sculpting powder is vital to achieve mannequin-worthy skin...and use them lightly. It's all about statement makeup and individuality minus the bright colours.

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