Nov 15, 2012

Fufi Stylist Abayas - A Touch of Qatar, Libya and Italy

If you're a member of the fashion pack in Qatar, you may have heard of the mysterious (and cutely-named) "Fufi Stylist," one of Qatar's few professional fashion stylists who has worked on various photo shoots, fashion shows and events, as well as providing personal styling and personal shopping services. As well as the position of stylist, Fufi Stylist can now add the title of abaya designer to her repertoire. In September 2012, Libyan-born Fatma Ghanem, the fashionable young woman behind Fufi Stylist, launched her very own designer abaya label, aptly name Fufi Stylist Abayas. Having lived in Italy, Qatar and the UAE, as well as her home country, Fatma brings a taste of Libya, Italy and Qatar to her abaya designs, which ooze with femininity and elegance. While the concept of designer abayas is not new to Qatar, it is new in Libya, meaning that since her launch two months ago, Fatma has had popularity in both countries with her collection, which sold out in weeks!

Her first collection was a mixture of abayas which incorporated different coloured fabrics with chic floral prints, black embroidery and black crochet, flower applique, and my favorite, the use of black lace over bold coloured fabric (as pictured above - also a hot dress trend this season).

I was lucky enough to get a mini-interview with the designer herself:

Why did you decide to start your own abaya label?
I was designing my own abayas and I got really nice feedback from friends and strangers sometimes stopped me just to ask where I got my abayas from.

How did you learn about what it takes to make a successful abaya designer?

 I first got to know about abayas when I lived in the UAE. Abayas are so elegant yet classy if the designer knows how to play with the design and not let it lose its traditional touch (not to take it to the next level), be creative and smart and know what is best for their customers.

What is the inspiration behind your first collection?

I love the details in Elie Saab's dresses and his last collection was so classy and chic as always. I got my inspiration from the details he added to each dress - it's like he is telling us a story! Fashion is not about copying, it is about knowing how to add your own touch to a beautiful idea.

What do you hope and aim to achieve through your abaya label?

To be different, stand outside the crowd and add my sweet flavour to my abayas.
I want to have my own signature, by which I mean if someone is wearing my design people can tell that it is a Fufi-Stylist abaya.

Fufi, we wish you the best of luck!
Watch out for Fufi-Stylist Abayas' new collection, coming out this month.


Where to get yours

To find out more information, place orders and view the entire collection, check out the Facebook page or call 00974 6643 2450. For orders within Libya please contact 0918 349 143 or 0914 250 761.