Nov 8, 2012

Hot London Fashion from LONDONIZE.ME

Everybody loves the hip, rocky, urban and quirky style that is the "London Look" but getting hold of unique pieces made by new London-based designers is not easy out here in the Middle East. And I know that here in the Gulf, ladies don't want to follow the fashion crowd all the time - it gets boring when everyone is wearing the same Hermes cuff or is carrying the same Fendi bag. We want something new and unique, that no one else will be wearing, that when someone sees it, they have to ask, "Where did you get that?"

This is where newly launched Dubai-based online shopping portal, LONDONIZE.ME enters, bringing us all exclusive pieces and collections from London-based designers that are not available here in the Middle East. It is the first online shopping portal in the region to deal with pure London fashion - which I love! Labels include Sugar Hill, Me and Zena, H.N.A. Jewels, Liquorish, Renee London, MelikaM, Yanny London and Johanne Earl, all at budget-keeping prices.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Me and Zena "Dream Telephone Ring": 194 AED

MelikaM "Sarah Trousers": 487 AED

Sugar Hill "Susie Red Dress": 368 AED

Rocks and Ice "Rose Cream Bracelet": 401 AED

LONDONIZE.ME ship internationally from Dubai, with the option of cash on delivery for orders in the G.C.C.

Fore more information, check out the website, and be sure to "like" the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @londonizeme.

Check out their first fashion show, "Fashion Overdose," held last month in Armani Burj Khalifa Dubai:

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