Jun 5, 2013

Stay gorgeous with...Stay Gorgeous scarves

Fresh out of Bahrain is scarves label, Stay Gorgeous. Founder, Mariam Al-Shaikh, set up the chic label in 2009, running it from home. The funky, bright and somewhat vintage-like designs are inspired by what Mariam calls "the 2 Cs" - that is, Colours and Cultures. The integration and combination of colours represent the inspiration she finds and incorporates from many cultures, but the label is proudly Bahraini. Some of the designs do somewhat remind me of the colourful and pretty prints you would find on traditional Khaliji jalabiyyas.

"We always encourage young ladies to get out of their comfort zone, because that is where the magic happens. Don't be afraid to wear daring colours," Mariam explains.

What is unique about Stay Gorgeous scarves is their exclusivity - Mariam only produces two of each design, which ensures that her collections are special and up-to-date.

Of her aim Mariam says, "I dream of becoming someone's idol, not for them to copy me, but to help them shape their own."

Now that's a style philosophy we can all be inspired by.

Where to get yours:

View designs and stay in touch via Instagram: @staygorgeousxo.

You can make orders through email at staygorgeous.orders@gmail.com.

Jun 2, 2013

Loving Fanilla Couture

I'm loving the quirky, stylish tees by Qatar-based label Fanilla Couture, the fashion baby of Razan, who has a dab hand at graphics design. These playful and chic tees feature all our favorite fashion and Arabic pop culture iconography.

If you're wondering what "Fanilla" means, it is Arabic for t-shirt.

Email: fanillaCouture@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FanillaCouture
Instagram: @fanillacouture
Twitter: @fanillaCouture
Tel: 00974 33680827