Nov 3, 2010

Feast Your Eyes on these JEWELS BY SOGOL!

Racing heartbeat, palpitations, sweaty hands, uncontrollable shrieks of excitement...I don't often get the fashion shakes but I had a major attack of them when I discovered Jewels by Sogol...I had been seeing pieces by the gorgeous American-born, Iranian jewellery designer Sogol Zabihi popping up in various issues of Harper's Bazaar Arabia and when I heard she had launched the Jewels by Sogol website I jumped to open it with glee to find a treasure trove of covetable statement rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings...and I want every single piece please!

The beautiful Sogol Zabihi

After completing her studies at the University of Long Beach in LA, the Dubai-based designer returned home and saw a niche in the local market for hip accessories and jewellery which were of high quality and craftsmanship but did not break customers' banks!

In 2006 Sogol launched her very own jewellery and accessories label, Jewels by Sogol, and now Jewels is undeniably the region's most popular East-meets-West jewellery brand. Her statement pieces are just the sort I like - chic and feminine incorporating Arabic and Middle Eastern influences and symbols such as the Evil Eye, the protective Hand of Fatima and religious Arabic inscriptions such as "Allah" and "Ma'sha'allah". Her limited Mother's Day collection with "I love my mum" inscribed on the pieces in Arabic was particularly adorable.

Her pieces are usually made from enamel and precious stones, gems and pearls and are often set with Swarovski crystals. They are also gold-plated and hand painted in Italy.

Sogol launches new collections on an almost monthly basis - now that's what I call hard work and dedication! "Arabian Princess", "Funk Me Up", "Spring Romance", "Vintage Pearls" and "Rock the Jungle" are just a few of the cool names of her collections, which have stunning ad campaigns to match.

According to Sogol, she finds inspiration for her designs in everything she sees around her. "Jewels accessories is a brand for the younger generation, for every kind of girl. People like me," Sogol says. I was mega chuffed to discover that she is a fan of UNDER YOUR ABAYA!

Pieces from the Arabian Princess Collection

Pieces from the Arabian Princess Collection

Pieces from the Arabian Princess Collection

Pieces from the Arabian Princess Collection

I am having to control myself from looking at the Jewels website for too long...all her pieces are making my heart beat too fast!

Pieces from the Vintage Pearls Collection

Pieces from the Funk Me Up Collection

Pieces from the Funk Me Up Collection

Pieces from the Funk Me Up Collection

You can find Jewels by Sogol at:

S*uce - The Village Mall, Dubai Mall and XVA Gallery
Harvey Nichols - Mall of the Emirates
Ounass - Madinat Jumeirah and the Emirates Towers
Tiger Lily - Wafi Mall
Etoile Boutique - Wafi Mall and Mall of the Emirates
Bloomingdales - Dubai Mall
Saks Fifth Avenue - Burjuman Center

Abu Dhabi
S*uce - Marina Mall
Ounass - Marina Mall

Pink Diamond

Cugini - The Pearl Qatar

Mosaic - Salhiya

Jewels by Sogol pieces can also be ordered online on the Jewels website.

For more information on Jewels, check out the website or email


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    yeah I'm feeling warm and fuzzy and like that nervous lump in my throat that means " I neeeeed to have that... like right now" lol!

  2. you can also find them at MOSAIC in Kuwait (salhiya)

  3. thanks maha...will add that now! =D