Nov 30, 2010

Re-inventing the LBD

The LBD is and always will be a style staple in every fashionista's wardrobe...but have you run out of ways to wear it? Here are some quick and easy styling tips to re-invent your little black dress under your abaya ...

Covering up your legs is a must if you are wearing your LBD under your abaya...I'd choose tights over leggings because leggings can sometimes take away some of the glamour factor and make an LBD look more like a tunic...leggings keep things looking sophisticated...opt for opaque tights in jewel colours, or, make like Cheryl Cole and invest in a pair of statement tights - i.e. tights with bold and interesting patterns!

I'm not talking about the casual skinny leather ones here, I'm talking one-of-a-kind embellished, jewel encrusted, or lacy and frilly pieces, the wider the better. The belt should cinch in the waist and almost look as if it is part of the dress.

Non-abaya wearers have the option of wearing jackets, blazors and full-length capes over their LBDs, but these would look bulky if worn under an abaya. So opt for the mini-versions instead, such as shrugs, boleros and mini-capes. Faux-fur, lace, tassels and fringing, feathers and sequins are all hot at the moment.

Detachable, or tie-around collars are cool at the moment and a subtle way of customizing your LBD. Not a fan? Go for a collar or bib necklace instead. The whole idea is that the collar or bib necklace should look as if it is part of the dress.


  1. awesome post! i have a simple LBD that i never wear coz it looks so plain and boring, you have inspired me to experiment with it!! thanks! : )

  2. Glad you liked it - thanks Falaxy!