Nov 9, 2010

Your A/W 2010 Accessories Report

Without trying to sound like a white girl talking gangster, every girl needs her bling and especially every abaya-wearing girl. Ever thought of the PBA - yes, the Plain Black Abaya ... no one wears them plain anymore but just like a LBD the PBA can make the perfect style statement with the addition of glamorific accessories like these...

The Bib Necklace

The word "bib" always makes me think of babies spitting out food everywhere so I like to call them collar necklaces! Olivia Palermo is a big fan of them and they really are an item of jewellery which can transform a LBD or plain tee and skinny jeans into a completely new outfit. Look for bib necklaces embellished with big jewels, big beads or embroidered flowers and opt for those with a ribbon instead of a chain for a more feminine finish.

Gold Nuggets

I've been seeing big gold statement rings everywhere...I'm talking about gold rings with raw, bold cuts which when worn almost look as if you're wearing a nugget of gold on your finger. You're trying to make a statement here so only wear one of these rings and try to keep your other fingers ring-less. Paint your nails black and you've got rocking hands!


One feathered accessory at a time please...unless you want to look like a peacock or Pocahontas! Celebs from Kylie to Diana Vickers have been sporting YSL and Camilla Skovgaard feather-trimmed heels and other plumed accessories like feather earrings, necklaces, headbands, small bags and clutches. This trend is better suited for the evening.

Friendship Bracelets

Celebs are obsessed with Links of London's multi-coloured, multi-row "luxury" friendship bracelets, as modelled by Cat Deeley. And there are loads of high street versions as well as your more traditional thin string friendship bracelets, some woven with beads, and designer versions are woven with gold and silver plated logos a la Guess and Bulgari. Even better? Get creative and go old school by making your own! The more you have piled up on your wrist, the merrier. I wouldn't advise this for glam wear ... keep them casual a la Amanda Seyfried.


These are the perfect subtle additions to an abaya, headscarf, and even your handbag...they should have a vintage/antique look to them with gemstones, pearls or crystals...think of the sort of brooches worn by royalty. Look for brooches in rich jewel tones...bright brooches can look tacky.

Chakra-Inspired Beads

Big in Hollywood right now is stacking your arms with Chakra-style beads and layering Chakra-inspired necklaces, as worn by Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. According to Hindu belief certain precious stones and gems hold beneficial spiritual and healing powers which one can harness by wearing them. Take inspiration by looking for string bracelets and necklaces with small beads and an oriental/tribal look to them and layer them up!

Cocktail Rings

Just as with the brooches, the focus is on vintage/antique style cocktail rings, the larger the better, but sticking to classic 1920s style cuts in which the ring's center is a large precious stone or gem set in gold or silver and embedded with smaller gems, crystals or pearls surrounding it. Wearing a cocktail ring on every finger is an option!

Braided Gold

Call it braided gold, woven gold or snakes chain, interlocked gold pieces are hot. The look to be channelled here is 1920s glamour rather than Grecian/Roman goddess. Think Coco Chanel and keep your braided gold to one piece for the ultimate statement.

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