Oct 31, 2010

TREND ALERT! Off-White Hues

With all the melancholy blacks and greys which are typical of winter fashion, it was only right that designers break up their A/W 2010 shows with some snowy winter whites! And I'm not talking just your plain white-whites, I also mean your off whites and whites with tinges of blue, grey and creams too.

Karl Lagerfeld nailed winter whites perfectly for his A/W 2010 collection at Chanel. And as you can see from the pics below, there were no barriers to fabrics or textures.

Chanel wasn't the only big fashion house to showcase its pearly whites...so did Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Rodarte and Hermes.

The celebs have also been rocking some unique white pieces - my fav so far has been the gorgeous Kim Kardashian (when has Kim ever put a fashion foot wrong?)

Your inspirations? Think the Snow Queen, or Tilda Swinton as the Chronicles of Narnia's Ice Queen, or Alice in Wonderland's White Queen!

Getting your whites right

Head-to-toe white isn't easy...and if you don't choose your pieces carefully you can end up looking tacky rather than icy cool. That's why you should make like Chanel and mix white pieces with different fabrics and textures.

Also break up the white with pieces in the lightest of greys and accessorize in grey, silver and metallic shades. An all-white dress, top or shoe with silver or gold embellishment is the perfect choice.

It's official - every girl is now required to own a LWD - little white dress - in addition to the LBD.

Looking for winter-inspired jewelry? Go for white and grey pearls, white, grey and clear crystals, and small baubles.

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