Oct 21, 2011

Perfect Evening Elegance: Toujouri's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

 Inspired by the Ballet Russe, the Fall/Winter 2011 collection by Doha-based, Iraqi-born designer Lama El Moatassem for her luxury label Toujouri, is opulent, fantastical, mystical and romantic.

And the amount of detail that has gone into each piece in her latest collection is both breathtaking and outstanding. Ball gowns, cocktail dresses, form-fitting evening gowns and kaftans made from luxe fabrics like chiffon, velvet and silk are hand-embroidered with large textured floral appliques and encrusted panels, some of which have taken weeks to finish. Other accents in the collection include textured layering, medieval-inspired elements and frill details.

The wintery colour palette consists of on-trend jewel hues as well as this season's key colours such as burnt orange, taupe, saffron and charcoal.

The intricate, multi-coloured hand-emboidered motifs and embellishments are signature Toujouri but this season Lama has definitely raised the glamour stakes.

The so-called "Wonderland" pieces certainly have a fairy tale vibe to them.

I'm sure I'll be seeing these dresses in many a party, wedding and the red carpet!

I recently popped into the Toujouri flagship boutique at The Pearl Qatar and the store is everything I imagined to be ... gigantic wooden doors like the doors of a real treasure chest open up to the glittering Toujouri treasures sold in the boutique. Doha-dwellers, you must pay a visit!

Toujouri is available at The Pearl Qatar, all S*uce boutiques in Dubai, Designers' Lounge in Kuwait, Harvey Nichols in Riyadh, Cugini in Jeddah and Escape Evening in Riyadh and Jeddah.

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