Mar 31, 2011

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The New Arabesque Sheilas and Abayas "AM...PM" Line

You heard it here first!

You might remember a while back I blogged about only one of the most prestigious abaya labels that are out there, Arabesque Sheilas and Abayas, founded by by French designer Judith Duriez, based in Abu Dhabi, who frequently goes back to Paris to source fashion inspiration and study the latest international trends first to then channel them into her abayas.

Well in her last trip to Paris she picked up upon the current minimalist trend running through catwalks, designer collections and in street fashion and it hit her that this was something she could do with abayas - I mean if you think about it, recently the abayas you see in some boutiques have become so overdone, taking a minimalist approach to the abaya is exciting.

"AM...PM" is the name of the new line, abayas with an interesting minimalist cut and shape, which can be taken from day to night. They are perfectly suited for the woman-on-the-go - you know when you're looking for that ideal abaya for shopping, going to work or university, or for having lunch with your girlfriends but either the abayas you have are too plain or too glamorous - well the "AM...PM" abaya is just right.

The abayas in the line have black-on-black embellishments in sophisticated black fabrics like fine black lace, and as usual they were specially sourced and exclusively created in Paris for Arabesque.

And the best thing of all, they will really pop against an acid bright or neon coloured bag - you will really nail this season's colour blocking trend!

Where to get yours:
Arabesque Sheilas and Abayas
Abu Dhabi Mall, Level 1, Abu Dhabi
Palm Strip Mall, Level 1, Jumeirah, Dubai.

For more information, check out the Arabesque website, or email them at


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