Mar 25, 2011

Accessories Report S/S 2011: Part II

So bags are more of an over-your-abaya item than under-your-abaya item, but where there goes an abaya there goes a bag. On the rare ocassion I have dared to venture out of my house (I wear an abaya full-time) without a bag, I have felt naked.

And so you may wear an abaya, but that doesn't mean your bag shouldn't co-ordinate with the abaya you are wearing - you wouldn't wear a glamorous evening clutch with your everyday, plain work abaya, just like you wouldn't choose a casual hobo or bucket bag to wear with one of your more special, embellished and well embroidered abayas.

I think the whole acid bright/neon coloured bags are great - choose a minimalistic type abaya and pair it with one of these bags and the contrast will be amazing! Like I said, that's colour blocking to the max!

The important thing to remember: the right abaya + the right bag = glamour, glamour, glamour.


  1. celine and karen millen on my radar

  2. ....lovee this post...! the right bag makes an outfit pop...x x

  3. Thanks Farah, I'm so glad! <3