Jan 27, 2011

Have you heard of Sara Japanwalla?

Fashion illustration by artist and fashion illustrator Sara Japanwalla

So much creative, artistic and stylish talent hitting the GCC and too little time to celebrate it all *gasping* and the latest jewel to add to the crown is Dubai-based artist and fashion illustrator Sara Japanwalla.

Born, raised and educated in Scotland, Sara studied at the prestigious Leith School of Art where she specialized in the fine arts as well as sculptures, illustrations and textiles. In addition to that, she also did summer courses at Edinburgh Art College and St Martin's where she studied life drawing and accessory design. She went on to gain a degree in Fashion Design and Textiles and moved to Dubai where she recently worked as a textiles designer for a leading fashion boutique.

Sara's work, both paintings and illustrations, are rich in texture and in another thing- culture...the rich and seductive tomato red attire of the flamenco dancers, the mesmerizing swirl of colours of the whirling dervishes, the tangible texture of leopard print boot which you can almost reach out and feel.

"I like to create art that is descriptive, rich and textured. Whether it is conveying the drama and passion of flamenco or the delicate frailty and softness of a ballet dancer, I strive to create a mood, an atmosphere and a sense of spontaneity."

"My fashion illustrations are bold mixed media with energetic splashes of dyes and a haphazard angular technique of sketching which gives it a fresh impulsive appearance. I also like to experiment with line variation and stylisation with my figurative works."

"My paintings take inspiration from real life - infused with saturated colours, texture and expressive brushstrokes they expose a surreal dreamlike version of reality from my imagination."

You can often find her work on display in the most chic of chic cafes in Dubai, as well as on online galleries and in regular exhibitions. Sara was a finalist for the Young Designer Award in 2007 at the Swarovski Bridal Show, a sure foreshadow of greater things to come.

Good luck Sara, we will be following your work and inshallah your success!

For more information on Sara Japanwalla and her work, please check our her website and join her Facebook group.

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  1. definitely very pretty:)