Jan 22, 2011

Art Exhibition: Sindhu Jumani's "The Soul of Thought"

All fashionistas know, if you appreciate fashion and style, you are most likely to appreciate art, and the work of Pakistani artist Sindhu Jumani is definitely worth appreciating.
From Sunday 20 February 2011 to Monday 21 February 2011, Sindhu will be showcasing her latest series "The Soul of Thought" at the Art Space on the 9th floor  of The Fairmont Hotel Dubai.

A leader of the new Pakistani art movement, Sindhu established an artistic foundation through her studies at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence in Rhode Island, the United States, attaining a BA with honours in fine arts (did I mention she was on the honours list ever year she was there?) After graduating in 1997, Sindhu went on to establish herself in the city of every aspiring artist's dreams - the Big Apple.

Colourful, majestic, rich, fantastical, enchanting, haunting, dreamy and divine are some of the words you could use to describe Sindhu's paintings. In "The Soul of Thought", the main inspiration, or "muse" are women: “I am inspired by women. I translate their strength and bold presence through the depth of and extensiveness of my palette and canvas. My series represents a woman swathed in the multi-faceted layers of existence. The colors used are a coded language belying her strength and creativity”.

The women in her paintings, who are wearing traditional dress, may appear "silent" but what they gesture says a lot - layers upon layers of colour and pattern, in what appears to be traditional as well as ethnic or tribal colours and patterns and dances and even fireworks...almost a gateway to the "muses' " thoughts and imaginations.

An art exhibition not worth missing if you ask me!

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