Feb 3, 2011

Accessories Report S/S 2011: Part I


Accessories are an integral part of any fashionista's wardrobe and as abaya wearers know, spot-on shoes and bags can turn any abaya from "3adi" to "kash5a". For Spring/Summer 2011 shoe trends, some are readaptations of already current trends, such as the white trend, flower trend and '70s trend, whereas some shoe trends are individual trends in their own right. My favorite? Definitely the use of rope and ribbon instead of the conventional strap...there are so many different ways you could tie them!


  1. Great post, very informative!
    Thanks :)

  2. You know, we think that the reason colours are so attractive in the shoes that you wear with your abaya, are to add colour and style to the normal black abaya.

    As you said, accessories are an integral part on any fashionista's wardrobe! :)

  3. Salaams~! you've been awarded the stylish blogger award! Check it out at: http://hijabiii.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger-award.html

  4. great picks