Mar 2, 2012

Get Your Fashion On With eM eH

Chanel Jeans Tee 400 AED

Fresh out of the UAE comes chic t shirt and hoodies label eM eH. Established in late 2011, eM eH stands for the creators' and friends' initials: Maryam "eM" and Hessa "eH" - definitely a unique way of coming up with a name for their label!

If you like showing off your fashion credentials, eM eH is the brand for you - tees and hoodies are cleverly printed to make it look as if you are wearing a Chanel 2.55 quilted chain bag across your body, or a gold Rolex around your wrist. I like! Other tees and hoodies brandish some of our favorite logos like Chanel and YSL, and style heroines like Marilyn Monroe. What I like about them is that they can be worn in many ways - with jeans, tapered trousers, or a pencil or tulip skirt for a chic and feminine look, or with harem pants or cargo/military style trousers for a more urban, street fashion type look.

They may have only just begun their line of style statement tees, but I predict big things for this design duo. Of their label Maryam and Hessa say, "We took a very long time to establish our brand and make our collection different from other designers in the market. All our materials are sourced from outside of the UAE...we ship them from the USA and provide the best materials and printing quality for the customer and make what we do unique."

eM eH, I wish you all the best!

WHY YSL tee 200 AED

Chanel velvet chain tee 350 AED

Marilyn Monroe hoodie 300 AED

Marilyn Monroe tee 250 AED

Rolex tee 250 AED

Hermes clutch tee 400 AED

How to get yours:

View all t shirts and hoodies on the eM eH website
To make an order or inquiry, email them at
Tel: +971 5015 99199
BB pin: 27FC0B93
Twitter: @by_eMeH

eM eH do international orders.

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