Mar 16, 2012

Another success for WAAD!

Last Saturday's fashion show was another success for WAAD, the eponymous label of Qatari fashion and abaya designer Waad Mohammed.

Over 300 people turned up to watch Waad showcase her second ready-to-wear collection that consisted of 20 couture abayas and 20 ready-to-wear outfits. Waad took inspiration from Spring flowers and pastel shades for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection that consisted of pieces like sequinned blazers, peplum tops, day dresses and harem pants in timeless and elegant silhouettes, keeping in line with her signature feminine style. Her couture abayas also incorporated the latest international fashion trends like colour block-ing, peplums, flower corsages and applique, and velvet and lace touches.

(Photos courtesy of Al Jazi Nasr)

Models sashayed down the runway accessorized with costume jewelry and accessories from Impression Boutique and handbags by Lanvin and Loewe (courtesy of Zai Boutique).

I spoke to Waad prior to her show to learn more about her latest abaya collection:

Tell me about your latest collection of abayas. What was the
theme and the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to do something different and I love layering clothes! I
was like, "why not layer abayas?" So this was the original theme behind
the collection.

I can see from your new collection of abayas that many current
international fashion trends have been incorporated into the designs – like the velvet touches, the bold geometric design on one of the abayas in white, black and navy blue, peplum skirts and Victoriana shoulders. Do you look to international trends for 
inspiration and incorporate them into your designs? Or are these design ideas which naturally came to you along the way?

I always get my inspiration from world designers and fashion trends. I tweak them to fit abayas and add my own touches. For the blue abaya I am crazy about color block-ing! That's the main theme of all the designs but the blue, black and white color block abaya took it to the next level !

Do you wear your own abaya designs?

Of course, I always do! I've been designing my own abayas for 6 years and have only started making them [commercially] for the past year.

What makes WAAD abayas different from all the other abayas on the market?

They have the simplicity factor,  they are modest and never too over the top (modest with a flair), they are affordable which is so rare in the couture abaya market these days (the most expensive abaya is 10 00 riyals ... )

Do you agree with critics of designer abayas who say that abayas no
longer look like abayas and are losing their traditional touch?

Unfortunately some designers have gone over the top with their designs... an abaya always looks better if it still keeps a modest traditional touch.

You have used interesting big collars on your abayas - can you tell me
how you got the idea for that?

I was in London and I was wearing an oversized coat with a gigantic collar ... I was like, "why not?" and it looks gorgeous on abayas!

Your abayas also look like glamorous evening gowns that women who don't
wear the abaya can wear. Is that something you planned?

I never planned this actually! I'm more than happy to see anyone who appreciates fashion and the work that goes into design wear my abayas.

(Photos courtesy of Aysha Al Jaber)

For more information on WAAD and on how to order or purchase from the collection, please visit the Facebook  page, or email the team at


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  2. gorgeous!! never heard of her .. loved her collection so much would love to buy something <3