Jan 26, 2012

TOUJOURI Flagship Finally To Open!

After a long wait, and a lot of hard work, in just two days - yes, two days, Doha-based fashion designer Lama El Moatassem's label Toujouri will be officially opening its very first flagship store in The Pearl Qatar!

Toujouri founder and designer Lama El Moatassem

The Toujouri flagship, located in Parcel 1 of The Pearl Qatar, was designed by world-renowned architect Peter Marino - the same man who designed the flagships of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior as well as other big haute couture houses.

Everything about the store compliments the name of the brand - Toujouri means "chest" in Arabic. The entrance is a facade of a traditional wooden Arabic chest with giant brass studs, while the interiors are more simple and elegant, in modern neutrals and white, allowing the beautiful jewel toned and embellished clothes to sparkle and speak for themselves. You truly feel as if you are inside a giant treasure box, surrounded by all these opulent clothes which are almost like jewels.

Of the new flagship store, Peter Marino says, “We looked to the designer's unique iconography when designing Toujouri, and tried to reflect it in the store's architecture. That, combined with elements of the Qatari landscape, informed the store's overall design.”

"Emphasis on detail, texture and a hand-done effect is evident everywhere, from the marble floor to the hand-customised seating, the lighting and hand-painted screens which enhance the sensation of an evolving space.  This focus and enabling the environment to showcase garments as jewellery, making everything feel exquisite and inviting while enriching the shopping experience, communicates cleverly what Toujouri is about," says Lama.

 Be sure to pay Toujouri a visit next time you are down at The Pearl!

From the SS12 collection

From the SS12 collection

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