Jan 12, 2012

More UNDER YOUR ABAYA - inspired art!

I'm so in love with these pieces of graphic art created by LA-based graphic designer and student Jill Zachman, inspired by UNDER YOUR ABAYA, and the style-conscious women who wear the abaya and the hijab!

Here is what Jill told me about her work:

"When in Istanbul a few years ago, I noticed how fashionably dressed some of the Muslim women were.  I have since traveled to many places around the world and noticed the same thing.  I have photographed some of these fashionistas and created graphic designs based on them as part of my course work.  However, finding Under Your Abaya inspired me to develop a series of graphic designs telling a story about who women are, figuratively, under their abayas.  As a non-Muslim I think it is important for westerners to see beyond their cultural fears and biases when seeing Muslims.  The designs are my small part in educating westerners."

It is awesome to find non-Muslims like Jill who recognize how stylish and fashion-conscious many abaya and hijab wearers are! 

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