Jun 3, 2011

Your Complete Guide To Summer 2011's Hottest Colours (excuse the pun!)

Also high in the style stakes this summer is turquoise jewelry, particularly turquoise stones set in gold. Mix coral and turquoise jewelry for a bang on trend look.

Remember that when choosing pieces and creating looks for my posts I do it with abaya wearers in mind (hence they can wear short sleeves, low cut and shorter length tops as well as leggings or tights as a substitute for trousers). But even if you do not wear an abaya but wear Hijab, you can still take inspiration from the posts and while many of the skirts and trousers I feature are Hijab-friendly, you will have to choose longer tops with higher collars, long sleeves and make sure that they are not sheer. 


  1. thank you for your comment..its soo cool that you contribute for the magazine.
    Yes as you said the articles were pretty good for a first issue...And i am hoping future issues will be bigger and better...will definitely be buying it, to see how it is like..And will email them inshallah.xx

  2. Wonderful! I love how in-depth this post was :)