May 30, 2011

More designer exclusives from the Bras For a Cause Middle East design contest!

I've just found out some more exclusive information about some of the amazing fashion designers taking part in the established designers' category in the Bras For a Cause Middle East design contest.

Do you want to know who they are?

Lama El Moutassem, designer and founder of Toujouri

First off it's Toujouri. I've featured Toujouri and its founder, Iraq-born designer Lama El Moutassem, a few times on UNDER YOUR ABAYA - the Doha-based label is coveted for its amazing hand-printed, hand-embroidered and hand-embellished kaftans, gowns and cocktail dresses which put the "q" in quality. I wonder if Lama will opt for one of her famous hand printed designs for her entry? 

(From left: Sarah Beydoun and Lebanese legend Sabah with a bag dedicated to the superstar)

There is no way you have not heard of Sarah's Bag, founded by Lebanese designer Sarah Beydoun. I love the digital print clutches printed with the faces of famous Arab icons like Um Kalthoum. What's special about this label is that the marvellous bags embroidered with beautiful Arabic words and sayings are made in co-operation with underprivileged women in Lebanon, providing them with a livelihood and more importantly, a source of pride and empowerment. Do you think her bra design will incorporate more wonderful traditional Arabic calligraphy or perhaps a digital print of another well known Arab icon?

Mia Jafari

British-Iranian designer Mia Jafari is the master (or mistress) of digi-broidery - a unique technique which combines Eastern embroidery with digital print. The result is something quite magnificent - the silk scarves are like mini Persian carpets and the dresses are a mix of jewel coloured modern Western designs and historic Eastern motifs. I can't wait to see her design entry.

Amina Khalil

Egyptian designer Amina Khalil takes traditional and historic Egyptian textiles, embroidery and prints and gives them a modern twist, making sure that this part of Egyptian heritage is not lost. I'm talking exquisite gold and jewel coloured Pharaonic stripes, and prints and motifs found on traditional Egyptian thoubs and galabiyyas - the hip and the fashionable in Egypt may not wear thoubs and galabiyyas anymore, but they can still wear a part of their heritage through Amina's chic shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses which use Egyptian textiles.

Rana Mouawad through her Dubai-based label Maison Rana brings together women with design talent from different cultures, professional fields and walks of life to produce collections which ooze with femininity. Rana's designs are always fresh, simple-cut, colourful and most importantly, define the feminine silhouette.

Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa and Sheikha Noor Al Khalifa of Noon by Noor in Bahrain have put their country on the fashion world's map through their ultra-hip designs. From glamorous hand-stiched, hand-embellished silk jackets to on-trend tailored trousers, there isn't anything the duo can't make and they always incorporate a little bit of Bahrain into their designs.

Don't worry though, you won't be competing against these designers! They will be submitting their entries for the established designers' category. There are four other categories open to everyone.

The submission page on the Bras For a Cause Middle East website is now up and running and you can submit your entries by June 26, 2011 11:59 pm GMT latest.

So what are you waiting for?

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