Apr 13, 2015

My Experience at Blue Brush Hair Studio

I have been suffering from hair loss for over a year now, due to a combination of factors - low iron and Vitamin D levels, weight loss, side effects from medication and also bleaching my hair. All of this has taken its toll on my hair and I have become very self-conscious of the bald spots on my crown. Finding a hair stylist who knows what they are doing is difficult in Qatar, but two friends of mine who also had thinning hair recommended Blue Brush Hair Studio at the Hilton Doha. At the helm of the hair studio is Parisian hair stylist David Martinez who has worked in Paris Fashion Week and on shoots for famous fashion publications like Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair.
I had recently had my hair cut into a curly asymmetrical bob and unfortunately the hairdresser did not manage to create what I had envisioned - something similar to one of Rihanna's haircuts a while ago. I went to David and he worked his magic, and my hair looked exactly how I imagined. He created layers and shape so that my hair now looks fuller.
David has a special technique that other hair stylists in Doha do not use: he gives you a dry cut. This is what he told me about dry cuts: "Hair is elastic, if you wet it and pull it, hair is going to stretch, so when it gets dry again it is going to get its natural movement and you will very often get bad surprises with a wet cut. Cutting on dry hair is working with the real length, the natural movement and the specific texture of the hair, no more bad surprises. You can style your haircut without my help at home! Hair will grow with its natural shape; you can enjoy your cut for longer than a classical wet haircut. Self-styling becomes easier; you basically don't even need it because I will work according to the logical nature and specificity of your hair. It has more freedom, safety and style."
So ladies, if you are looking for a hair stylist who knows what he is doing go to Blue Brush Hair Studio. A second branch recently opened in Al Fardan Residential Tower next to City Centre. You can literally take a photo of any hair style and he will recreate it on your hair - providing that he thinks it will suit your hair, as he is always honest about what will or will not suit you.
You can contact Blue Brush Hair Studio by calling 00974 4423 3022. Also check out their instagram page @bluebrushdoha to check out customers' before and after pics.

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