Nov 16, 2014

My Home Mani/Pedi With The Choice


Having to go to and from a salon in Doha's crazy traffic for a manicure/pedicure can be a headache and might take away from the enjoyment of it all. Sometimes you just want to be in the comfort of your home and relax. That is why I was psyched to hear that Qatar now has it's own home manicure/pedicure salon service. The name of the company is The Choice, founded by the lovely Um Reem who hails from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and who has been living in Doha for 3 years now.
The nail technician knew what she was doing and worked quickly on both my hands and feet (since I only had just over an hour to spare), living them perfectly smooth and groomed. She brought with her a whole case of O.P.I. nail colours to choose from and in addition to that, all O.P.I. products for the foot scrub and hand and feet massages. The hand and feet massages were just what I needed after a day of running around. It costs 350 QAR for a manicure, pedicure and full nail colour on both hands and feet.
I highly recommend this service. For bookings, please call 33693329.
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