Jan 17, 2013

Bleach: The Emirati Lifestyle Label

For many abaya wearers, the abaya is not just an outer garment, but it is a lifestyle. This is a concept that shapes Emirati designer Badreya Faisal's label, BLEACH. She is not just simply offering designer abayas, but also abaya-inspired fashion that wearers can interpret and style on their own. Hence, Badreya calls BLEACH an Emirati lifestyle label rather than simply another abaya label, offering versatile abaya-inspired garments that have Western influences but more importantly have Emirati roots.

Having spent many years living abroad in different countries such as the UK, Spain and Italy, art plays a major role in Badreya's life and her decision to launch her very own label was spurred on by her desire to wear clothes that were specially made for her and which complemented her style and her personality. She also looked at her label as a creative outlet and challenge.

Her capsule 2012/2013 collection is comprised of one-piece abayas with asymmetric cuts, as well as two-piece abayas that come with harem-pant like trousers and skirts. The pieces feature beautiful details such as coloured lace, panels of block colour and Baroque-like motifs.

And the best part of it all? Badreya donates 10% of sales to one of Dubai's most respected charities.

The beautiful Badreya Faisal

To find out more about BLEACH, you can check out the website. Be sure to "Like" the Facebook page and follow the label on Twitter @BLEACHdubai.

Contact details:
For stockist information, contact info@bleach.ae or 00971 507151505.

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  1. Woah, what a gorgeous range! Especially the second dress...I hope they ship to the UK :D