Jun 6, 2012

Veil Art: Transforming trends into Hijabs!

I'm currently feeling inspired by Hijab/clothing/abaya label Veil Art, which caters to all Hijab and abaya wearers out there. Founder and entrepreneur Jamie Bizu, who hails from Kuala Lumpur and is based between Malaysia and the Middle East, launched Veil Art in May 2010, inspired by the many things she saw while on her travels around different parts of the globe with her husband. Jamie takes both local customs and trends, as well as international ones, and transforms them into head scarves which can only be described as pieces of art - hence, "Veil Art ! Jamie has searched the world for inspiration to create head scarves and clothes which reflect the "Veil Art girl" - a girl who is creative, independent, adventurous and free-spirited while remaining modest at the same time. Through her label, Jamie expresses how different cultures influence the style of the Hijab. Jamie also pays close attention to international trends - colour blocking, lace, ruffles and floral prints - you will find all these current international trends incorporated into her Hijab designs.

Here is the mini-interview I recently had with Jamie...

So what is the concept behind Veil Art?

It all started after I got married to my darling habubi, whose job is to attend to clients around the Middle East, Africa, the UK and European region. We live like nomads spending a few weeks here and there. While he was out working, I was out SHOPPING! That's when I found great findings and interesting local styles. Having extra time at hand (besides shopping, of course!) I decided to start Veil Art which was in May 2010. 
The concept is inspired by traveling (local culture) and translating it into a style!

Tell us about your latest collections.

The latest would be The Blue Sapphire Collection, Jihad Collection and soon to be launched The Lace Band Collection. The Blue Sapphire is inspired by our travels to Sri Lanka, the country of precious gems, last May. Jihad Collection is inspired by the Kufiyya, and The Lace Band is inspired by the Victorian Era.

What have you been up to since you came to Qatar and how successful has your brand been here so far?

Personally, I love Qatar! I'm enjoying going out, crabbing and clam-ing (some of famous Malaysians beach activities here) attending Arabic classes, and Malaysian get-togethers (for the Malaysian food!). No official launch here yet, just casual bazaar days here and there, but Alhamdulillah the response was awesome, from Qataris and other expats alike! The last hit here was the Malaysian Batik scarves collection. I will bring in more exotic collections into Qatar Inshallah.

To check out the entire collections, check out the Veil Art blog (soon to become a website with online boutique) or the Facebook page. For queries, orders and more information, email Jamie at veiled.is.beautiful@gmail.com.

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