Feb 26, 2012

ARABULOUS is Arab-licious!

Bahraini sisters Lulwa and Mneera Al Khalifa are the creative masterminds behind fabulous Bahraini t shirt label ARABULOUS.

Aware of the effects of globalization and the importance of preserving the Bahraini and Khaleeji (Gulf) culture, Lulwa and Mneera are a design duo who put their creative minds to work to promote and preserve their heritage by mixing Khaleeji culture with modern-day fashion, creating a line of t shirts with beautiful, playful and humorous motifs. Two of my favorites are the stunning Mirtaasha t shirt which is printed with the design of a traditional heavy gold multi-chain necklace which was worn by women of past generations, and the fabulous statement t shirt with the design of a woman in an abaya and Loubs with the caption "So what if I wear heels in the desert?" We all know we've worn our heels in the sand! There are also t shirts for the guys too.

So make a style statement and show your love for Bahraini and Khaleeji culture with an ARABULOUS t shirt!

Available at Bon Bon, Al Aali Mall, Manama, Bahrain.
For information on how to place an order, contact ARABULOUS on 00973 17581222 or email them at arabulous@gmail.com.

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  1. these Suits are really awesome i am interested in purchasing this suit.is there any possibility to buy this.