Jun 21, 2012

L.A.S. Fashion - Qatar's latest up-and-coming label

If there is one brand that I'm excited about it's the up-and-coming brand of Qatar-based abaya designer and entrepreneur Layla Asgar Al-Siyabi, L.A.S. Fashion (after the initials of her name).

Layla is literally a wonder woman - not only has she recently established her own fashion label, but she is also her husband's business partner in their real estate, contract and trading company, a proud mother of two beautiful kids, and the owner of a catering business - and her dishes, sweets and cakes are to die for! She also dabbles in photography, and gives professional makeovers that include clothing, hair, makeup and photo shoots. Her talents are limitless.

The star herself!

Layla, who hails from Bangladesh, has lived in Qatar since the age of two, having lived a portion of her life in Canada, and studied courses in business management and fashion design. When her father bought her a play sewing machine at the age of six Layla realized that she had a natural flair for fashion and all that is creative, and would sew dresses for her dolls as a child. Fast forward a couple of decades later, and Layla has turned her hobby into a business, with a number of fashionable projects that include designing and making abayas, as well as accessories, womenswearchildrenswear and my favorite, revamping shoes. She can take the most simple pair of heels and turn them into jaw-dropping wonders!

The handcrafted mirror heels that have all Qatar talking!

But what I'm most excited about are her abayas. Layla is to launch her first abaya line, a summery collection of abayas which incorporate floaty fabrics with bold prints and colours and interesting details such as leather collars, ruffle sleeves and flower corsages. "My aesthetic is bold, fun and vibrant, yet with elegance," Layla explains, "honestly I am not designing for the mass, I am just trying to stay true to what I love and if people out there have similar taste they will love my work."

Layla modelling one of her abayas and her famous mirror heels 

To find out more about L.A.S. Fashion check the Facebook page and follow Layla on Twitter @LAS_Fashion. For inquiries about makeovers or how to make orders, email Layla at  lasfashion.info@gmail.com. L.AS. Fashion provides shipping throughout the G.C.C. and international shipping if requested.


  1. WOW cant wait to see more!

  2. This is getting me excited :) cant wait to see more

  3. LAS very innovative designer,...love her collection

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